• Homeland Security

    Changing threats in the homeland associated with the maritime, air & ground domains, require wide area integration and situational understanding of target behavior, in order to execute intelligence-led operations. The Accipiter® security radar solutions answer this call with capabilities for watch standers, intelligence analysts and responders.

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  • Aviation Safety & Security

    Understanding the movement and behavior of birds, drones and aircraft in the airspace (both on and off airport), as well as the movement of people and vehicles on the ground is critical to risk mitigation for any airport. The Accipiter® family of 2D and 3D radar solutions provide essential situational understanding for safety management, security and wildlife management.

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  • Drone Management

    Enabling the safe and authorized use of drones (UAS) for inspection, security and package delivery requires careful airspace monitoring, while the detection and alerting of unauthorized drones remains a constant security and safety concern. The Accipiter® family of 2D and 3D radar solutions provide essential situational understanding for detecting the threat of unauthorized drones in the airspace and for the safe use of them for approved inspection and delivery missions.

    Counter-Drone BVLOS Detect & Avoid

  • Public Safety & Security

    Situational Awareness for critical infrastructure and other facilities that provides actionable intelligence for operators to make informed decisions

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  • Environmental Protection

    Understanding the movement of birds/bats in relation to wind turbines and mining tailings ponds, as well as providing smart radar activated deterrents to minimize habituation are critical to protecting them and complying with regulations. The Accipiter® family of environmental protection radar solutions deliver the required situational awareness, reporting and bird/bat protection.

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Targeting A Safer World®


Global providers of high performance radar surveillance solutions designed to detect and track small uncooperative targets such as pleasure-craft, vessels, low flying aircraft, drones, birds and ground targets. The result is enhanced security and safety through unprecedented all domain awareness for modern day applications such as coastal surveillance, search & rescue, port security, maritime security, border enforcement, law enforcement, critical infrastructure protection, perimeter security, bird and drone strike prevention and environmental protection.  


In the air, on the water or on land, whatever the mission, Accipiter Radar is committed to providing safety and security practitioners with the tactical and strategic situational awareness capabilities they need for homeland security, aviation safety & security, and environmental protection applications.


Accipiter Radar’s portfolio of patented, sensor agnostic, products and services deliver unprecedented performance and capability leading to enhanced situational awareness, force multiplication and regulatory compliance for homeland security, aviation safety & security and environmental protection applications.


Accipiter’s solutions are developed and maintained in-house by its expert team of product developers and subject matter experts. This allows Accipiter to fully support its products and services and provide its customers with turnkey technical support including installation, certified customer training, preventative and corrective maintenance, 24/7 remote support and continual performance monitoring for all of our connected systems. Accipiter also offers specialized services such as M data analytics and reporting.

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