Bird and Bat Situational Awareness

Understanding the movement and behavior of birds and bats in relation to wind turbines and mining tailings ponds, is critical to implementing effective risk mitigation to comply with corporate and environmental protection policies and government regulations. Accipiter Radar provides a number of solutions that are specially designed to deliver affordable 2D and 3D Total Coverage® situational awareness of birds and bats through a comprehensive suite of S2I tools that provide real-time monitoring, automatic alerting, target activity analysis and standardized reporting.

Accipiter’s target data rich, M Target Information System aggregates and organizes every detected and tracked bird, 24/7 365, facilitating detailed analysis leading to a greater understanding of bird flight patterns, bird behaviours, early migration onset and deterrent effectiveness. Accipiter’s S2I tools mine the data to deliver previously unknown information and fill a critical knowledge gap empowering organizations to reduce bird deaths, develop environmental protection policies and deliver reports and incident investigation to meet industry regulator requirements.

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Radar-Activated Deterrents

Tailings ponds are a consequence of a number of mining operations. In order to meet a high standard of care in protecting waterfowl from landing on them, operators and regulators often require the use of smart deterrents to warn birds and persuade them to alter their course to avoid landing and potential harm.

Accipiter Radar provides comprehensive Radar-Activated Deterrent Systems (RADS) that utilize 3D target trajectories of birds to strategically activate only relevant deterrents at specific times when birds are heading towards possible harm, while not harassing those birds that are flying high over or away from harm, thereby reducing habituation to the deterrents. Our smart RADS support the implementation of multiple lines of defence and also maintain all bird trajectories and deterrent activations to allow operators to measure effectiveness, alter stimuli and prevent habituation.

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