Support for Every Client and System

Accipiter Radar provides a complete end-to-end suite of services to our customers. These include site assessments, installation & system commissioning, customer and regional partner training, on-site and remote preventative and corrective maintenance, 24/7 customer support, system health monitoring, data analytics and reporting.


Technical Support

Technical Support

From first meetings to site visits, deployment and 24 hour support, Accipiter Radar offers service second to none. Accipiter ensures optimal performance and reliability of our radar systems with a maintenance regime designed to ensure system availability meets mission requirements. Maintenance is available both remotely and on site where required. Accipiter's built-in health monitoring and remote health monitoring service, allow for proactive alerting of conditions that may impact operation and remote troubleshooting and problem rectification through secure networks.

M<sup>3®</sup> Data Analytics and Reporting

M Data Analytics and Reporting

Accipiter’s surveillance solutions provide a rich repository of historical target data in addition to providing live monitoring. As a result intelligence and domain awareness can be extracted through the analysis of target trajectories over geographies of interest and any time frame. Data is organized in Accipiter’s M Target Information System which is engineered to provide arbitrary and efficient spatial temporal queries of all types. Accipiter's analysts can extend the capabilities of your own team by providing you with custom and standard target activity reporting on a daily, weekly, monthly, and seasonally or annual basis. In addition they can investigate specific incidents for you and assist with interpretation of your radar data.

M<sup>3®</sup> Surveillance and Monitoring

M Surveillance and Monitoring

The big data contained in our M TIS is organized as a highly efficient and secure data warehouse that allows real-time surveillance and monitoring of target activity with customizable alerting. Let Accipiter's staff provide you with custom and standard surveillance and alert monitoring services for missions as varied as law enforcement and investigations, port security, search and rescue, coastal surveillance, maritime domain awareness, bird strike prevention, and air traffic control.