Aviation Safety & Security

Bird Strike Prevention

Travelers trust aviation stakeholders, including airports, airlines, air traffic controllers, pilots, biologists and regulators to keep them safe on the ground and in the air. Due to increasing growth in aircraft movements and bird populations, mitigating the risk of bird strikes has now become critical to aviation safety. Sharing the skies safely with aircraft and birds is all about separation, and hence requires persistent collection of 3D trajectories for birds and aircraft alike, especially off-airport at night and in the fog where visual observations are ineffective. Accipiter Radar offers a number of Surveillance-to-Intelligence™ (S2I) solutions to help safety professionals mitigate bird strike risk. Our S2I solutions directly support wildlife hazard assessments, wildlife control and safety management systems (SMS).

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Drone / Unmanned/ Remotely Piloted Aircraft, Detection, Tracking and Alerting

The explosion of commercial and recreational drone / unmanned aerial systems (UAS) activity presents a unique challenge to airport authorities, who have to assess in real-time if their presence poses a risk to aviation safety. Accipiter radar understands that good drone detection, tracking and alerting requires capturing and automatically characterizing target behavior to distinguish drones from birds, and offers a number of Surveillance-to-Intelligence™ (S2I) solutions to address this need. Our solutions also integrate with and provide early warning to other sensors such as CCTV and short range drone identification technologies, in order to support response and mitigation.

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Perimeter and Ground Surveillance

In today's threat environment, airports need to ensure that unauthorized persons, animals and vehicles never reach critical air-side assets such as aircraft, fuel storage and air navigation equipment. This requires not only detecting a perimeter breach, but also being able to continuously monitor the intruder's movement, alert responders and provide them with real-time awareness in their vehicles so that they can be directed to the intruder before safety or security has been compromised. Accipiter Radar offers a number of solutions to meet this need which incorporate newly available perimeter and ground surveillance radar sensors with Accipiter's patented M Target Information System and Surveillance-to-Intelligence™ (S2I) tools. Our solutions fully integrate with legacy and future airport security and information systems.

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