Border Security

Border security cannot be achieved without effective surveillance between ports of entry (POE’s). Borders span significant distances on land and over water and hence require wide-area ground, maritime and air domain awareness. Accipiter Radar offers a number of solutions that support border security personnel with force multiplication, whether they be in a command center or patrolling in vehicles or on vessels.

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Marine & Coastal Surveillance

Our world is mostly comprised of water, from our vast oceans to the mighty Great Lakes. Ensuring the sustainability of one's economic exclusion zone, safety of life at sea, environmental protection and sovereignty require wide-area marine and coastal surveillance solutions that allow authorities to better manage risk. Accipiter Radar offers a variety of next generation surveillance solutions that address these challenging missions with innovations such as smart radar and radar sharing that affordably empower any number of shore-based and ship-based stakeholders and fully support the IMO's e-Navigation strategy.

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Port Security

Managing today's ports not only requires conventional Vessel Traffic Services (VTS) solutions, but must also deal with modern threats associated with small uncooperative targets such as pleasure-craft, general aviation aircraft and drones. Accipiter Radar offers a number of integrated solutions that are able to leverage existing surveillance assets and support harbormasters, port police, terminal operators and waterside industrial tenants with situational awareness to enhance security and manage risk in their respective operations.

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Critical Infrastructure Protection

The general public expect authorities to protect our critical infrastructure, including nuclear power-plants, fuel storage facilities and drinking water reservoirs, against threats from the sky, water or land. Today with the proliferation of sophisticated commercial navigation, communication and surveillance technologies, such as that found in recreational drones, smartphones and computers, makes this evermore challenging. Accipiter Radar offers a number of solutions to address this challenge which account for the need to not only detect and track, but also to provide intelligence and early warning to support planning and response.

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Search & Rescue (SAR)

Recreational and commercial boaters and pilots navigate our world's airways and vast oceans, inland lakes and rivers including remote areas such as the Arctic, like never before. In many parts of the world, even private citizens take on the challenge of crossing treacherous waterways in ill-equipped vessels. As a result, the reliance on search and rescue (SAR) professionals is greater than ever. Positive SAR outcomes, measured in terms of saving lives and money, depend on minimizing the "search" in search and rescue. Accipiter Radar offers coast guards, naval personnel, and auxiliary units game-changing maritime and air domain surveillance capabilities, that allow them to quickly reach back in time to first identify the target track associated with a reported overdue or incident at its last known location; and then rapidly bring time forward to the present to guide a more localized search.

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Law Enforcement

Law enforcement agencies are responsible for enforcing all of our nations laws, from the federal down to the local level and for conducting local investigations, when laws are broken and in response to safety and security incidents and threats. This broad mandate includes activities on the water, in the air and on land, where surveillance is a critical tool. Accipiter Radar offers law enforcement a number of tailored solutions to address this problem space which include the tracking of vessels, low flying aircraft including drones, vehicles and people. Our tool-set includes tactical capabilities for dispatchers as well as for police on the move in their vehicles or on their vessels; and analytical capabilities including the provision of evidence for prosecutors.

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