M Data Analytics & Reporting


Accipiter’s patented M Target Information System (TIS) is the heart of every Accipiter® surveillance system. Within our TIS are the target data collected by the system sensors, updated in real-time with new information and historically spanning even years into the past.  These target data include (i) full target trajectories for every tracked target, where each trajectory has an assigned target-ID along with a series of time updates each containing parameters such as {latitude, longitude, altitude, speed, heading, size (radar cross section), date, time}; (ii) event data such as alerts and complex events defined by specific target behaviour; (iii) sensor imagery illustrating distributed phenomenon such as weather, ice, and ground clutter; and (iv) other meta data that help characterize the environment and the point targets targets such as vessels, aircraft, birds, drones, persons, animals, and vehicles found therein.

The big data contained in our M TIS is organized as a highly efficient and secure data warehouse intended to be analyzed spatially and temporally in order to (i) characterize target behaviour, activity and trends; (ii) and provide standardized reporting; (iii) search for particular behaviours or events of interest; and (iv) to investigate specific incidents and provide incident reports.  For missions as varied as law enforcement and investigations, port security, search and rescue, coastal surveillance, maritime domain awareness, bird strike prevention, air traffic control, Accipiter’s analysts can support your mission by providing you with a number of specialized M  data analytics and reporting services as further described below.

M Target Activity Reporting Service

Understanding the rhythmic and seasonal traffic patterns associated with vessels on waterways, aircraft movements in the air, or birds in flight is essential for situational awareness and risk mitigation. Accipiter analysts will work with you to define, generate and deliver to you standard target activity reports such as:

Military and Civil Airport Situational Awareness
Event and VIP Security
Historical Data for analysis and Strategic Planning
Maritime perimeter security for Marinas and Ports

M Target Behaviour Analysis Service

Understanding the presence of, frequency of, and nature of specific target behaviours is critical for identifying hazards to safety and security, measuring risk, and alerting authorities to take additional action. Accipiter analysts will work with you to define, extract and report to you target behaviours of interest such as:

Vessels or low-flying aircraft crossing borders and entering specific exclusion zones
Drones loitering in a controlled or sensitive airspace
Birds crossing active runways or approaching wind turbines or tailings ponds

M Incident Investigation and Reporting Service

When a safety or security incident occurs, safety and security professionals need to quickly understand what happened to support the incident investigation, response and prosecution, as well as for training and process improvement. Accipiter analysts will work with you to discreetly investigate and report on incidents such as:

Bird strikes
Search and rescue incidents
Unusual target reports such as drone sightings
Suspicious events such as an unusual border crossings or rendezvous