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Secures™ Integrated C-UAS Surveillance Solution

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The Accipiter® SECURES™ system is a flexible, easy to install, integrated C-UAS surveillance solution, designed to meet all your counter drone applications.

Built upon the Accipiter® Radar Intelligence Network™ (RIN) Platform Technology, our innovative, sensor-agnostic approach enables out-of-the-box, plug and play integrated detection, tracking, classification and support for cooperative and uncooperative drones.

SECURES™ seamlessly binds together multiple sensor technologies to provide unprecedented awareness of drone activity in your airspace that may pose a security or safety threat to your facility or event. And because SECURES™ is modular and sensor agnostic, the system can grow with your changes needs and threat escalation.

The SECURES™ system comprises selected sensors, an Accipiter® Sensor Intelligence & Integration Server (SIIS) and our Surveillance-to-Intelligence™ (S2I) tools to provide live monitoring, alerting and analysis of drone activity and zone incursion enabling informed decision making, from awareness to response.

Flexibility and Expandability

Compatible with Accipiter’s family of air, maritime and ground domain awareness surveillance systems, SECURES™ is a standalone or beneficial addition to compliment your security and safety surveillance strategy.

SECURES™ can be expanded in size and may optionally be RIN-enabled so that it can be expanded beyond the local installation to a system of systems (SOS), sensor intelligence network. This SOS architecture is achieved through access to our M3® Target Information System (TIS) which provides remote and centralized control for limitless numbers of sensors, sites and users.

2D Drone Radar System


The Accipiter® NM1-8A Drone Radar System is a software-definable, 2D surveillance radar designed to detect, track and alert to the presence of drones. The system includes one radar sensor integrated into a NEMA-4 rated environmental enclosure, which houses the radar sensor electronics, digital radar processors, radar remote controller, radar data manager, power management and data communications components. The Radar System includes a high-resolution, X-band transceiver with 8’ array antenna with the sensitivity to detect and track drones as small as birds, and capabilities to identify behavior and issue alerts.  The Accipiter® NM1-8A is well suited for use at civil and military airports to alert to the presence of drones in the airspace.

Flexibility and Expandability

The Accipiter® NM1-8A Avian Radar System is built on Accipiter’s patented Radar Intelligence Network™ (RIN) platform technology which allows it to grow to meet your changing needs, flexibly and affordably. Additional sensors can be integrated, including radar sensors to expand coverage, as well as secondary sensors such as ADS-B, AIS, and cameras to increase awareness.

Accipiter’s Radar Intelligence Network™ Platform Technology

Accipiter offers several carefully engineered systems to address your particular aviation safety and security problems, and they are all built on our patented and game-changing Radar Intelligence Network™ (RIN) platform technology. The RIN architecture ensures your system can easily adapt and grow with your changing threats and needs.

Our novel approach to wide-area, real-time detection, tracking, post processing, and display coupled with on-the-fly and interactive analytics applied to historical target data sets us apart from any other radar systems provider, by giving you unprecedented situational understanding and decision support.

Our RIN allows any number of sensors to seamlessly connect over any TCP/IP network to our patented M3® Target Information System which forms the heart of all our delivered systems. And because the RIN was engineered to be radar agnostic, the right radar sensor(s) can be selected for your problem.

MTarget Information System (TIS)

Accipiter’s multi-sensor, multi-mission, multi-user M3® Target Information System (TIS) provides the ultimate in multi-sensor target data processing, query and retrieval, enabling rapid and efficient understanding that leads to strategic and tactical decision making. The TIS not only organizes, stores indefinitely, fuses, manages and distributes the rich sensor target data in earth coordinates; but it also drives an ecosystem of user apps we call Surveillance-to-Intelligence™ (S2I) tools to deliver tactical and strategic information to users. Furthermore, the TIS integrates with a Device Activation Processor (DAP) that can be radar-activated to fire deterrent devices and trigger camera geo-coordinate queuing in response to identified target scenarios. And real-time replication technology (RTRT) mirrors the TIS to other locations for partner information sharing, data redundancy and evidence protection.

The TIS also integrates with your third-party C2, dashboard and enterprise geographical information systems; and enables development of specific analysis and display tools by customers themselves. Any number of users can simultaneously operate their favorite S2I tools.

Surveillance-to-Intelligence ™ (S2I) Tools

Accipiter provides a suite of easy to use S2I tools, giving users with different roles or missions the situational understanding they need to be more effective at performing their duties. Tactical tools such as the Accipiter® Radar Common Operating Picture (COP) and ThreatViewer™ give watch standers and dispatchers a real-time map-view of target tracks from all sensors with built-in, 24-hour rapid replay along with alerts in response to detected threats of interest. Our tablet-based Mobile Response COP gives responders in vehicles a user-centric display, allowing them to more easily put their own eyes on live targets of interest so they can take action.

Our strategic S2I tools interactively or on-the-fly rapidly mine the TIS’s historical target data to give analysts understanding of target activity patterns; and managers specialized reporting with metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) that allow them to better manage and allocate resources to mitigate risk. The Accipiter® Track Histories Viewer delivers spatial patterns of tracks around your aerodrome every hour, while the Accipiter® Target Analyzer Software (TAS) allows the analyst to generate a variety of temporal and spatial target activity distributions including heat maps, all filtered by time, date, size, speed, heading and altitude.

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