Products Designed and Built to Exceed Expectations

Accipiter’s family of products are designed for persistent detection and tracking of cooperative and uncooperative targets on the water, in the air and on the ground. 2D and 3D radar systems for fixed installation locations or for rapid mission deployment, connect with Accipiter’s M Target Information System and Surveillance-to-Intelligence™ tools to enable live tactical situational awareness and strategic analytical decision making through 24/7/365 all domain awareness.

Whether you are protecting your homeland through border enforcement, coastal surveillance or critical Infrastructure; increasing aviation safety through bird and drone activity monitoring or safety management; or protecting wildlife through wildlife hazard management studies, habitat management and active bird deterrent systems, Accipiter has a proven system for you.

Homeland Security

Fixed and rapid deployment radar systems for 24/7 persistent detection & tracking of small vessels on the water; low flying aircraft, UAS / drones in the air; and moving vehicles and people on the ground. Accipiter's M Target Information System and suite of Surveillance-to-Intelligence™ user tools for live, historical and analytical target activity pattern analysis, as well as Integrated AIS, ADS-B, cameras and other data sources.

Radar-as-a-Service (RaaS)

Accipiter® owns and operates a Radar Intelligence Network™ (RIN) within the Canadian Great Lakes region. Through our patented M Target Information System, we securely deliver you relevant air domain awareness (ADA) and maritime domain awareness (MDA), mitigating the need for expensive infrastructure acquisition while reducing risk and hassle. Our Cloud Surveillance ® service, provides users with real-time awareness of targets delivered through a browser whereas our Cloud Intelligence ® service provides browser-based analytics detailing historical target traffic patterns over a region and time period.

Aviation Safety & Security

Radar systems for 24/7 persistent tracking of birds, on and off airport, UAS / drone tracking, ground vehicle movement and perimeter security incursions; single and multi-radar systems with options for 2D, fixed 3D and Agile 3D antennas with multi-radar channel digital radar processing, ADS-B, Camera, weather and FOD integration as well as the Accipiter® Surveillance-to-Intelligence™ tools for threat awareness, safety management systems and habitat management.

Environmental Protection

24/7 persistent tracking of birds and bats with Accipiter® 3D, 360 degree, high resolution Total Coverage® radar systems; family of land-based acoustic deterrents and float-based multi-sensory deterrents with short and long range capabilities; highly selective deterrent activation system for reduced habituation; suite of Accipiter® Surveillance-to Intelligence™ tools for live situational awareness and historic data analysis for regulatory reporting and event investigation.

Public Safety & Security

The Accipiter® SALUS™ family of products are easy to install, integrated ground/marine surveillance solutions for small, medium and large critical infrastructure and secure single or multi-site applications. Our innovative, sensor-agnostic approach enables applicable radar, camera or perimeter sensors to be selected based on the specific site and customer requirements; and our browser-based Surveillance-to-Intelligence™ (S2I) suite of user apps or tools, provide live situational awareness, event alerting, historical reporting and activity analytics for security and operations staff alike.