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Accipiter products, applications and services are protected under one or more of the following patents:

Accipiter® M Seamless Multi-Radar, Multi-Mission, Multi-User Integrated Target Information System USA – 7,940,206 B2

Canada – CA 2,504,507

UK – GB 2441247 B

Accipiter® Historical Radar Data Analysis Canada – CA 2,878,390
Accipiter® 3D Height-Finding Avian Radar USA – US RE45999 E

Canada – CA 2595667

UK – GB 2460384

Japan – JP 5726516

Australia – 2007352240

Cognitive ‘Self-Learning’ Radar Network USA – US 8,860,602 B2

Canada –  CA 2,884,769

3D Sampling with Avian Radar USA – US 9,291,707 B2
Accipiter® Radar Remote Controller USA – US 8,384,585 B2

Canada – CA 2,819, 704

Personal Electronic Target Vision System Australia – 2013212505
Secure Radar Data Transmission USA – US 7,035,311 B2

Canada – CA 2,369,989

UK – GB 2399261

Non-Habituating Radar-Activated Bird Deterrents USA – 8,988,230 B2

Australia – 2012327847

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