Who We Are


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Radar is the military gold-standard for detecting and tracking uncooperative targets, namely those such as small vessels, low-flying aircraft, drones, birds and ground targets that do not communicate their identity. Beginning in 1994, a group of talented radar engineers and scientists left Raytheon to develop a new breed of radar surveillance solutions that are user-friendly and capable of addressing 21st century, safety and security problems encountered in homeland security, aviation safety and environmental protection.

After two decades of extensive R&D and product development,  Accipiter has succeeded in doing to radar what cellular networks/smart phones have done to radio/telephone.  Accipiter’s extensively patented Radar Intelligence Networks™ technologies include Smart Radar, Radar Sharing, and Radar-as-a-Service (RaaS), which are integral to meeting customer and application requirements.

Today, Accipiter is becoming the global leader in providing affordable, smart radar systems and wide-area radar networks and services to safety and security practitioners, who require user-friendly, tactical and strategic decision support to protect the public and reduce risk associated with a variety of uncooperative target threats. Accipiter’s proven products and services are now used by governments, airports, and large multi-nationals, providing peace of mind while  ensuring growth, flexibility, scalability and continued affordability.


Mission and Vision

Accipiter’s mission is to provide the world’s most effective and affordable wide-area situational awareness solutions for applications that impact the safety and well-being of the public, property, and the environment.

Accipiter’s vision is to grow to become the global leader providing wide-area situational awareness of uncooperative targets through technical superiority and innovation to create the best value solutions as defined by our customers and business partners.

Targeting A Safer World®

Accipiter recognizes itself as a corporate citizen, and as such, its philosophy is based upon these fundamental beliefs:

  • We believe a safer world is a better world. That’s why we help keep you safe. We do this by giving safety and security practitioners better awareness and understanding of the threats they protect us from. To achieve this, we design smart surveillance networks.
  • We believe that the best way to enrich our shareholders with a fair return on investment is to excel in helping our customers achieve success. We will achieve this by satisfying their needs with our competitively superior value.
  • We believe that value is a customer-defined combination of functionality, quality, price, and support which are based upon solid scientific and technical foundations. Innovation on demand is the primary driver behind Accipiter’s continuous value growth process.
  • We believe Accipiter’s strength is its people; and therefore collaborations between our customers, business associates, communities, governments, shareholders, and Accipiter employees are most effective in stimulating value growth for our customers.
  • We believe in the potential of our people, and therefore strive to provide them with equal opportunity for ongoing training and learning, career advancement, and an environment that fosters flexibility, creativity, innovation and responsibility. We intend by our example to motivate every Accipiter employee to acquire the knowledge and skills needed to achieve continuous improvements throughout our value chain.
  • We believe that in our relationships and partnerships, we should strive for mutual respect by acknowledging the dignity of each person without regard to race, creed, or disability, recognize and reward performance, endeavor to maintain the highest standards of scientific and business integrity and ethical conduct; and strive to carry out our work in a safe, non-harmful, and sustainable manner.


Management Principles

  • We believe that the customers who buy Accipiter’s products and services are the primary focus of our concern. We will direct our attention, investment, talents, and expertise to help them achieve success, bringing to them innovative technologies and solutions that deliver value. Our employees will embody their commitment to our customers in a continual effort to improve the value to them of our products and services.
  • We believe our business partners deserve a fair participation in the financial fruits of our work, realized by our R&D, supply, production, distribution, marketing, sales and support of products and services worldwide. We will foster a team approach to ensuring our partners are fully able to contribute improvements to our entire value chain, for the benefit of our customers.
  • For our employees, management will lead by example to create an ethical and dynamic business culture. We will strive to provide a creative work environment that encourages experimentation and entrepreneurship, and recognizes and rewards employee contributions. We will strive to offer equal opportunity to all employees for professional growth and career advancement.
  • Management will strive to be ethical in all of our business dealings with suppliers, business partners, integrators and prime contractors, and will carry out principled negotiations, recognizing the contributions of our partners. Our focus will be value, and not just price, and we will strive to share opportunities and minimize unproductive activities to increase value to our customers. Management is interested in long-term, mutually beneficial business relationships where trust and respect are shared and earned, and where the hand-shake once again has force, even when agreements may be incomplete or flawed.
  • Management will strive to be a good corporate citizen by conducting itself responsibly and ethically with a genuine concern for the common good and our environment, by making a positive economic impact to the local community, and by supporting local organizations and endeavors and encouraging its employees to do the same.
  • Finally, management will strive to produce an attractive return on investment to our shareholders. This will be achieved by delivering exceptional value to our customers, and by responsibly and sustainably optimizing Accipiter’s resources to achieve continued growth and productivity, through improvements to our people, processes, products and services. Management will report to and communicate openly with shareholders and their representatives on a frequent and timely basis.








Dr. Tim J. Nohara, P.Eng, Accipiter President & CEO