Who We Are


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Radar is the military gold-standard for detecting and tracking uncooperative targets, namely those such as small vessels, low-flying aircraft, drones, birds and ground targets that do not communicate their identity. Beginning in 1994, a group of talented radar engineers and scientists left Raytheon to develop a new breed of radar surveillance solutions that are user-friendly and capable of addressing 21st century, safety and security problems encountered in homeland security, aviation safety and environmental protection.

After two decades of extensive R&D and product development,  Accipiter has succeeded in doing to radar what cellular networks/smart phones have done to radio/telephone.  Accipiter’s extensively patented Radar Intelligence Networks™ technologies include Smart Radar, Radar Sharing, and Radar-as-a-Service (RaaS), which are integral to meeting customer and application requirements.

Today, Accipiter is becoming the global leader in providing affordable, smart radar systems and wide-area radar networks and services to safety and security practitioners, who require user-friendly, tactical and strategic decision support to protect the public and reduce risk associated with a variety of uncooperative target threats. Accipiter’s proven products and services are now used by governments, airports, and large multi-nationals, providing peace of mind while  ensuring growth, flexibility, scalability and continued affordability.


Mission and Vision

Accipiter’s mission is to provide the world’s most effective and affordable wide-area situational awareness solutions for applications that impact the safety and well-being of the public, individuals and the environment.

Accipiter’s vision is to grow to become the global leader providing wide-area situational awareness of uncooperative targets through technical superiority and innovation to create the best value solutions as defined by our customers and business partners.

Targeting A Safer World®

Accipiter Radar has been Targeting a Safer World® for over two decades.  Our dedication to help make the world a safer place is directly reflected in the ingenuity of our expert radar product team who are devoted to the mission at hand. We innovate continually, lead through integrity, and educate through direct participation in our professional, business and local communities.

Accipiter improves the quality of life by enhancing safety and security in important homeland, aviation and environmental applications.  Our solutions act as force multipliers for safety and security personnel by providing them with the tactical and strategic intelligence they require to carry out their missions more effectively and efficiently.

We salute these men and women, our heroes, who work day and night to keep us safe, and we are committed to providing them with technology-assisted, information superiority to help them protect the lives they are charged with safeguarding.