Public Safety & Security

Reservoir & Dams

The peaceful waters of a reservoir or dam pose security and safety challenges, with awareness of the presence of unauthorized people, vehicles, vessels or aircraft/UAS in restricted areas essential to protect the facility and public alike. Accipiter Radar provides a number of systems than enable the detection, tracking, and alerting, recording and audible warning for dam operators to ensure 24/7 safe and secure operations.

Large Rivers & Canals

Rivers and canals are widely used and shared by recreational boaters as well as commercial vessels. Unexpected and changing weather conditions as well as large volumes of vessels in the high seasons can pose safety and security concerns for all, as well as increased workload for authorities. Accipiter Radar provides surveillance and monitoring solutions that empower responders, such as police and coastguard, with awareness of incidents and allows response based on live situational awareness and alerting.

Hydroelectric Facilities

The physical threat to critical infrastructure by terrorists and other criminals requires constant monitoring with rapid response to suspicious targets. Accipiter Radar provide systems that detects and tracks a wide array of potential threats including boats, drones and aircraft and based on their behavior automatically alerts responders for interception and mitigation.

Nuclear Power Plants

Most nuclear facilities are located on a body of water which presents a level of vulnerability. Water-side industrial sites require vigilant surveillance with the capability of both immediate interdiction and use of data for historical forensic analysis. Accipiter Radar’s technology is ideally suited to provide short, medium and long range surveillance on the water as well as in the air and on the ground, alerting and notifying personnel to possible security or safety threats.