Targeting a Safer World™


Accipiter Radar helps keep you safe through high-performance radar information networks engineered to identify and track uncooperative targets such as small vessels, low-flying aircraft, and birds.  The result is enhanced security through unprecedented domain awareness for 21st Century applications including domestic security, law enforcement, critical infrastructure protection, bird strike prevention and environmental protection.

To deliver a game-changing reduction in price/performance ratios, Accipiter Radar integrates off the shelf transceiver and computing technologies with military-grade, patented radar networks, antennas and information system technologies.  We offer single and multi-radar systems that seamlessly mesh into real-time networks, able to cover wide areas and support several missions and remote users with built-in automation, alerting and target analytic capabilities.  Accipiter empowers interagency cooperation.

Our dedication to help make the world a safer place is directly reflected in the ingenuity of our expert radar product team who are devoted to the mission at hand. We innovate continually, lead through integrity, and educate through communication.  Accipiter Radar is a North American company with headquarters in Niagara, Ontario and Orchard Park, New York.