Accipiter 25th Anniversary Open House a Success

Accipiter 25th Anniversary Open House a Success

Photo of Accipiter 25th Anniversary Open House a Success

Accipiter Radar Technologies Inc., celebrated their 25 years of Targeting A Safer World® on Friday with a 25th Anniversary Open House for the community at the Meridian Community Centre in Pelham.

Joining the public at the event were several dignitaries including Pelham Mayor Marvin Junkin, Niagara West MP Dean Allison, MPP Sam Oosterhoff, and Regional Councillor for Pelham, Diana Huson.

The event included demonstrations, presentations, cake and other refreshments. “We would like to thank the communities of Pelham and Niagara for the support they have given us as a business and for the many friendships and associations we have made here over the years. It’s a great place to do business, live and grow” noted Accipiter President and CEO, Dr. Tim Nohara.

Accipiter is a North American industry leader in the development and deployment of situational awareness solutions for environmental protection, aviation safety and homeland security applications. The company’s accomplishments include helping wildlife control teams manage birds at airports in order to reduce bird strikes; and helping coast guards in Canada and the United States keep us safe on the Great Lakes.

About Accipiter Radar

Accipiter Radar is a North American company that develops, sells, and operates high-performance radar and sensor intelligence networks engineered to monitor the environment and characterize the behavior of targets such as small vessels, low flying aircraft, vehicles and birds, as well as distributed phenomenon such as weather, waves and snow/ice. The result is enhanced wide-area safety and security through unprecedented domain awareness for 21st century applications in homeland security, aviation safety and security and environmental protection. Accipiter Radar Technologies Inc. of Niagara, Ontario Canada and Accipiter Radar Corporation of Niagara, New York, USA are Targeting a Safer World® and have won business from all levels of government in North America, as well as major corporations and governments in various parts of the world. For more information visit

Or contact: Dr. Tim Nohara President & CEO, Accipiter Radar

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