Accipiter to provide avian radar for the Hellenic Air Force

Accipiter to provide avian radar for the Hellenic Air Force

Photo of Accipiter to provide avian radar for the Hellenic Air Force

Accipiter Radar Technologies Inc., a North American industry leader in the development and deployment of avian radar systems for use at civil and military airports, has been awarded the contract for supply of their 3D avian radar systems at five Hellenic Air Force bases.

Working with their Greek regional partner, Intertech S.A, one of Greece’s leading providers of integrated security products and solutions, the Accipiter avian radar systems will be used to monitor bird activity in and around the approach and arrival flight corridors, providing tactical and strategic intelligence for airport staff to assess potential risks and act accordingly.

The deployed systems will include steerable, high powered acoustic hailing devices, which will be used to target flocks of birds and enable harassment with a variety of audible sounds. Spanning locations across Greece, the systems will be installed and operational at Nea Anchialos, Kalamata, Araxos, Skyros Island and Limnos airports.

“We are excited to be working with our regional partners to provide our proven 3D avian radar system for the Hellenic Airforce” stated Simon Jerome, Accipiter’s Vice President of Sales & Marketing. “The HAF conducted a detailed and exhaustive evaluation of avian radar technology to ensure that their comprehensive requirements could be satisfied. We are delighted to be assisting with their aviation safety mission”.

“The HAF project was a challenge well accepted. We are proud and delighted to be awarded the project” stated Kiriakos Psomadelis, Intertech’s Business Solutions Director. “We have allocated all necessary resources to secure the timely and successful completion of the installation, commissioning, and training in full co-operation with Accipiter.”


About Accipiter Radar

Accipiter Radar is a North American company that develops, sells, and operates high-performance radar and sensor intelligence networks engineered to monitor the environment and characterize the behavior of targets such as small vessels, low flying aircraft, drones, vehicles and birds, as well as distributed phenomenon such as weather, waves and snow/ice. The result is enhanced wide-area safety and security through unprecedented domain awareness for 21st century applications in homeland security, aviation safety and security, public safety and environmental protection.

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