Accipiter Sponsor of Bird Strike North America 2011

Accipiter Sponsor of Bird Strike North America 2011

Photo of Accipiter Sponsor of Bird Strike North America 2011

Accipiter Radar is proud to be the host sponsor of the 2011 Bird Strike North America Conference taking place September 12-15, at the Marriott Gateway to the Falls, formerly the Sheraton Fallsview Hotel and Conference Centre, Niagara Falls, Ontario.

This event, organized by the Bird Strike Association of Canada and the Bird Strike Committee USA, brings together a variety of professionals involved in preventing bird strikes to both civil and military aircraft. Delegates attending are part of a wide range of backgrounds including airport management, wildlife hazard professionals, wildlife biologists, ornithologists and consultants.

Bird strikes are a hazard to safety and cost the aviation industry billions of dollars worldwide every year. In 2009, the “Miracle on the Hudson” focussed attention on this issue when US Airways Flight 1549 suffered engine failure after a bird strike and was forced to land in the Hudson River. Aviation regulators and professionals have been battling bird strikes for many years and late in 2010, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) released an Advisory Circular offering guidelines for the procurement of Avian Radar for use at civil airports in the United States.

The Bird Strike North America Conference is vital to the sharing of information and continued progress in bird strike prevention strategies. Dr. Tim J. Nohara, President and CEO of Accipiter Radar is pleased to welcome delegates and presenters, “Niagara is a beautiful location and we’re delighted to host such a prestigious event here. We are planning to help ensure this conference is a great success and an enjoyable experience for everyone who attends.”

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