Bird Radar at 4 Wing Cold Lake “First in Canada”

Bird Radar at 4 Wing Cold Lake “First in Canada”

Photo of Bird Radar at 4 Wing Cold Lake “First in Canada”

The busiest fighter wing in Canada, 4 Wing Cold Lake, Alberta, will get the first permanently deployed bird radar unit in the country. The Canadian Department of National Defence (DND) has entered into a contract with Accipiter Radar for the purchase and installation of an Accipiter® Avian Radar for the Cold Lake base. The radar will be used to carry out the development of the base’s Airport Bird-Hazard Risk Assessment Process (ABRAP) which Cold Lake has contracted to Falcon Environmental Service (FES).

4 Wing Cold Lake is seeking to develop an ABRAP, in accordance with Transport Canada guidance, in an effort to mitigate the threat of bird strikes to aviation safety; ensure sustainability of the area’s wildlife habitat; and, assess risks associated with encroaching land use development. The radar system will also be useful in a variety of other environmental studies planned for 4 Wing Cold Lake. This venture clearly demonstrates the level of commitment the Canadian military has toward helping reduce the very real danger of bird strikes. Accipiter Radar’s President and CEO, Dr Tim J Nohara comments on this exciting first in Canada: “4 Wing Cold Lake has shown tremendous foresight in the use of leading-edge technology, and we are delighted to be a part of this milestone in aviation safety.” Both Accipiter and Falcon are North American leaders and innovators in their respective fields, with clients from government agencies to the private sector. “We look forward to working with Cold Lake and Falcon on this project” noted Dr. Nohara. The Accipiter® Avian Radar is expected to be delivered to 4 Wing Cold Lake in the spring of 2010.

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