Accipiter® Radars in first North American ATC Tower

Accipiter® Radars in first North American ATC Tower

Photo of Accipiter<sup>®</sup> Radars in first North American ATC Tower

Accipiter Radar announced today another first for its Accipiter® line of software-definable radars at Toronto City Airport (TCCA). Recently, Accipiter completed the installation and approval of a custom-developed application that provides automated alerts to controllers when targets of concern enter the marine exclusion zones that could conflict with take-offs and landings.  The Accipiter® application integrates two radar systems and two cameras into a single hands-off display embedded into existing instrumentation consoles to minimize its footprint.

Robert Deluce, President & CEO of Porter Airlines, the major tenant whose expanding operations at TCCA were in part responsible for the selection of Accipiter® radars,  had this to say about Accipiter: “We needed a flexible, automated solution that would satisfy the particular needs of all stakeholders, and provide for growth, training, continuous data recording for incident management, and affordable life cycle support; and we needed it on a specific timeline.  Accipiter delivered.”

Dr. Tim J. Nohara, Presdient & CEO of Accipiter said “his team is priviledged to work with Porter, TCCA and NAV CANADA and believes this successful experience is a model of cooperation that could be followed at other North American airports.”